Welcome to the Creative Elegance Interiors real life design blog.  The purpose of this blog is two fold.  One, to chronicle my journey as I work to decorate my own home – the trials, the tribulations, the budget constraints (i.e. my husband), the real life reality of decorating a new home.  Through this blog I hope to share with you, my audience, my successes and failures at decorating my home.  Hopefully there will be many successes.  I know there will be failures, but without failure one cannot learn, right 🙂  The second purpose of this blog is to share tips, strategies and decorating secrets to help you decorate your area, room or home.  I hope you will comment on my work, share your ideas and have a good time with me on this wonderful and frustrating journey to decorate my own home.

First, a little background.  My husband and I just purchased a builder home in Haymarket, VA.  Haymarket is still considered the bonnies to many Northern Virginians.  Most DC’ers and Marylanders haven’t even heard of it.  It is next to Gainesville, about 6 miles past Manassas on 66.  We built what is called a “semi-custom” home in the Dominion Valley Country Club.  Semi-custom means that they give you a selection of home styles, finishes, fixtures and upgrades.  You choose all of those things at a design center, without really seeing any pictures and with very little guidance.  It was a bit overwhelming for me and I make these kinds of decisions every day.  I can imagine what it must be like for people who do not consider themselves decorating savvy.  So far I am very pleased with all of my choices.  

Prior to moving I had gotten rid of any remaining pieces of furniture that were falling apart, going out of style or just plain ugly.  I knew coming in that I wanted a much more contemporary home, clean, un-fussy, with clean lines and touches of whimsy and creativity.  I knew it would take a little while to get all of the furniture pieces I wanted for the home and accepted that … at the time.  Now I am dying to get this place into shape.  It consumes me… but alas, I will have to learn to be patient.  The good thing about doing it in bits and pieces is that I will have time to research and find exactly what I want instead of settling for something that fits the space and budget.  I have already scoped out many of the pieces I want… for example, my soon to be new dining table.  As we go along on this journey I will share with you some of the great pieces that I find through my research for my own home.  Perhaps you will find something that you love or learn about a new resource or manufacturer you didn’t know anything about.

So to start this journey I will share with you what I have done so far… I started with my daughter’s room.  She was so excited about the new house.  When we walked through the model she fell in love with the perfectly staged girl’s room and thought that her room would look exactly like that.  I had to convince her that her room would look even better because it would be about her.  She keeps asking me when we are going to finish decorating her room.  She’s as excited as I am.  My daughter is a girly girl.  She loves all things pink.  Until I had her I hated pink and always swore I would never be one of those moms that did pink for her daughter’s room.  Boy was I wrong…  Now I love pink as much as she does.  There are so many great shades of pink and so many great color schemes that involve pink.  

For her room I am doing a pink and chocolate princess/girly theme.  So far, as you will see from the pictures, I have done her window treatments.  She already had the bed.  I found two beautiful white shabby chic night stands for a steal on Ebay.  I found this beautiful flower mini-chandelier also on Ebay, also for a steal.  I have found a perfectly whimsical pink and chocolate wallpaper which I will put on the wall behind her bed in the next couple of months. I have a dresser that I’ve had for years, bought at a yard-sale that has fabulous lines and aside from pealing stain is in great shape.  I will have it painted white to match the night stands, also in the next couple of months.  Some artwork and a few perfectly placed accessories and her room will be a beautiful princess getaway.

Bella's window treatments - faux silk dupioni panels with 2/3 stria in pink and chocolate and a sheer austrian shade


Bella's bed, nightstand and light. Nightstand is shabby chic, we are waiting on the 2nd one. Light is a pretty flower mini-chandelier. Bed is from Pottery Barn kids.


I’ve also included pictures of my family room, kitchen and breakfast area.  In these rooms I started with some functional but pretty roman shades for privacy.  After all we are in a planned community with the neighbors relatively close by.  I am working on some wonderful rod panel curtains for the family room and matching valances for the breakfast area.  I also moved the light from the dining room into the breakfast area.  Wait till you see what I am doing with the Hepplewhite reproduction chairs I had gotten from a neighbor about a year ago for free.  They are so beautiful but have seen better days.  You are in for a treat.

My family room. Art is from the Domican Republic. Photos are from and of London. Lamp is Turkish. Sofa is from Crate and Barrel.


Pendant lights between kitchen and family room are from Wisteria.


Breakfast area - three custom made roman shades are a good option for extra-large window. Right now I have two chairs from my dining room set in place of the first two Hepplewhite repros being painted. We moved the builder light fixture from the dining room to the breakfast room. Art was painted by my God-father.


Wait till you see what I am doing with these chairs.


In the dining room I added a beautiful chandelier that my husband and I had gotten on clearance before we even bought the house because we loved it so much we didn’t want to miss out it.

New dining room light fixture found for a steal on clearance. We still can't believe what we paid for it. The rounded shape works so nicely under the octogonal tray ceiling and will look beautiful over a round pedestal table I have in mind for the dining room.


In the living room I have a beautiful antique sofa that was commissioned by my great grandmother in the Dominican Republic and traveled to Connecticut with my aunt prior to being handed down to me for my new house.  I haven’t decided if I am going to change the upholstery or keep it.  We’ll just have to see which way I go.  I also added a beautiful slipper chair that was rejected by one of my clients because the vendor had made a mistake on the color and welting.  It was like it was made specifically for my living room and I love it there.  My husband wants to get a second matching one for the space.  Again, lets see which way we go with it.  I have also ordered french-pleated curtains in a silk dupioni for each of the six windows in the living room and dining room.

Picture of living room with antique Dominican wood sofa. What do you think about the upholstery? Also shown are some giclee limited edition prints bought on the Internet.


Absolutely stunning yellow slipper chair (a boo boo from a client project) and accent stool in blue accent color. Custom window draperies with French pleats on brushed nickel rods. Draperies are in a golden dupioni silk. Walls have not been painted yet.