So I did it, I painted my son’s room… and my daughter’s room.  Man does my back hurt today.  But I did it.  And I love them both.  As I mentioned before, I painted my son’s room in Palladium Blue from Benjamin Moore.  When I first opened the can I had to go and get the chip because it looked way lighter than what I had imagined.  Then I remembered that blue usually dries darker, so I started painting.  Low and behold, it was a beautiful sight.  Its the perfect blue, not too blue, not too green, not too grey.  And, most importantly, it looks perfect with his soft roman shade and valance.

I used Benjamin Moore’s Natura for the ceiling paint (White Sands).  Natura has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) so it does not emit harmful chemicals into the air.  I opened the can and was not smacked in the face by a strong paint odor.  I could hardly smell anything it all.  I thought to myself, “oh great, this is never going to cover.”  But low and behold, one coat was all it took for full coverage.  It went on so smoothly and easily, I was extremely pleased.  Definitely worth the extra cost.

For the walls I used Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint (Palladium Blue).  I have always known that Aura was a fantastic product but I have never actually painted with it myself.  It is wonderful.  It goes on so smoothly and again, one coat was all it took.  I was done with the entire room in about 5 hours.  It too has no VOCs so my four year old could help me paint (the best way that a four year old can) and I didn’t have to worry about the odor and chemicals affecting her in any way.  Aura is considered Benjamin Moore’s top of the line and I saw why.  It was truly easy to work with, and had almost a slight floral smell.  I highly recommend this product.  You pay a premium for it but you end up wasting less paint, you don’t have to prime (even for deep and rich colors like reds) and you save the environment and your family from harmful chemicals.  Clean up is a cinch since you can throw it out with the regular trash.  

Now I am on the hunt for a great ceiling light fixture, something with a mid-century vibe that is still playful enough for a 19 month old.  We’ll see what I come up with.

My son's room in Palladium Blue with White Sands on the Ceiling. Both from Benjamin Moore.Kellen's window treatments seam to pop now against the blue. I love the combination of colors.


For my daughter’s room I also used Aura on the walls but I ended up using Benjamin Moore’s ceiling paint on the ceiling (by accident, when I was telling Johnson at Vienna Paint of Gainesville what I wanted I forgot to specify no VOCs).  I actually didn’t find the odor of this paint to be too overwhelming, though obviously more so than Aura and Natura.  I used an air purifier in her room that night and the odor was completely gone by morning.  The color is white with a hint of peachy pink.  Very delicate and soft.  I wanted to leave the walls neutral but girly so that the wallpaper and window treatments command the attention.  It also makes the pretty light fixture pop now.

I rehung her window treatments with some white decorative rods.  Originally I was planning on doing a cornice board over her treatments to tie it all together.  However, when I put the shade and panels up I found that it was beautiful without an additional component.  I thought a cornice board might make it too busy.  I love the way they work together.  I hung the panels a little low to give them a bit of drama with a puddle on the floor.  I find it to be more princess like that way.  On the wall where her bed is I am going to use London Trellis by Thibaut wallpaper (
).  I have the paper on order.  

Her bedding is from Restoration Hardware’s new Baby and Child collection.  If you haven’t seen their children’s line, I highly recommend you take a look.  So beautiful and trendy with some very nice choices and very nicely made.  I had her nickname initial (B) put on the pillow sham for a small set up fee. (

My daughter's window treatments and paint now. The color is an off white rose color, so delicate and beautiful. Very subtle.


You can see the pink here better because I started to paint this wall and remembered that it is going to be wallpapered. I can't wait to see it come together.