I am in my blue period.  All things blue make me melt.  That is why, after long deliberation, I chose to paint my dining room and living room in a very fun, quite daring blue called, of all things, Annapolis Green.  Don’t let the name deceive you, its quite blue.  And it coordinates so beautifully with the Ivoire color I chose for the family room and kitchen which come off of the dining and living room.  I got both colors at Benjamin Moore.  Ivoire is actually a Sherwin Williams color but I had the guys at Ben Moore do a color match for me.  I am truly in love with how it has turned out.

However, I too, like many of my clients, made a faux pas the first time I painted the dining room.  Originally I thought putting Annapolis blue everywhere would be too much, well, blue.  So I decided to put a dark brown (Norwich Brown) below the chair rail.  The first issue I had to deal with was that for some reason builders think its cool to end the chair rail one inch before the end of the wall so that if you want to do two paint colors you need to either have an incredibly steady hand or come up with some other creative solution.  I do not have that steady of hand so my solution was to paint a 1″ stripe of blue all the way down the wall.  I liked that way that looked, I just didn’t like… more like HATED… the way the brown looked.  I don’t know if its that I don’t have too much brown in my fabrics, if it was just too dark with the dark wood floors or what it was but as soon as I was done I knew I was going to have to repaint once more.  It was dreadful, and knowing I had to paint it over, when I have so much else to paint, well it really hurt.

But luckily I am using Benjamin Moore paints.  I thought it would take me at least two coats of blue to paint over that dark brown.  Believe it or not, I was done in a 2 hours.  It only took one coat and I love, love, LOVE the results.  Take a look.

Living Room in Annapolis Green

Dining room without that horrid dark brown.

The lesson here… your first instinct is usually right.  From the start I had doubts about the brown color below the chair rail.  But I was worried about having too much blue.  I should have trusted my gut.

My next choice to make is what to do in with the tray ceiling.  There are so many cool ways this could go.  I could do a beautiful wallpaper with metallic blues and golds, like the one behind my built in.  I could also do a nice textured grasscloth in a shiny golden color.  I could paint it a darker or more interesting color (maybe a darker blue, or simply a gold to match the draperies).  I could stencil, I could use wallpaper stickers (you have check these things out, go to http://www.uppercaseliving.net).  There are so many fantastic choices, its hard to choose just one.  I’m leaning towards either a wallpaper or darker blue, but I haven’t had much time to decide lately.  I guess you’ll have to wait and see what happens.