I am a sucker for a beautiful vase, or candle holder, or accent pillow.  But I am also a low fuss person.  I find my accent pillows strewn about the floor constantly.  I feel like every single time I walk into my family room I am picking up accent pillows.  If I had as many accent pillows as I would like to have, I don’t think I’d ever be able to leave my family room because I’d be in there constantly picking up.  A perfectly placed accessory can be the difference between a completely finished room and one that feels like its just missing something.  I have a few tips for perfect accessorizing that I’d like to share…  Always try to create groupings of accessory items. Whether its artwork, vases, candleholders, whatever.  Typically accessories look best in odd numbers.  Things like collections of vases and figurines look best when you group them in groups of three or five, etc.  With artwork its a little more complicated.  If you have three pieces of artwork you want to display, typically they will look best lined up horizontally.  If you have four pieces of artwork, you can do two rows of two for a dramatic grouping.    If you are looking to achieve a more formal look, try placing your artwork and accessories symmetrically to each other.  If you want a more informal look, be more creative and place those items asymmetrically.

Why am I talking about accessories today?  Well, this weekend I had small get together at my home.  My neighbors were coming to my home for the first time.  It gave the perfect excuse to go out and find some much needed accessories to try and finish off my family room.  I found the most beautiful candleholders (which I’ve had my eye on for a while and luckily they had the number I needed) for the fireplace.  I already had the mirror above the mantle that I love but have always wanted something tall on either side to make it more dramatic.  I purchased two taller candle pillars and two shorter ones.  They are mercury glass so they have the most interesting patina.  I bought vanilla scented candles in two sizes as well.  Not only does my fireplace look finished, it also smells good.