I noticed in looking through my blog that I haven’t much addressed one of the spots in my home that I am the most proud of, my kitchen.  When we were designing our home with our builder we were giving specific choices about what styles and colors of cabinetry we could choose.  I know, after having designed my previous kitchen that I wanted to go in the exact opposite direction as I had done back then.  However, I don’t know if you’ve noticed that that white shaker style kitchen with glass backsplash is all over the place right now.  It seems like everyone is moving towards a white kitchen, including me.  I didn’t want to choose cabinetry that was really trendy.  I have a feeling there will soon be a revolt against the incredibly clean, white cabinetry that seems to be everywhere.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the look.  Its clean, its contemporary, its very me.  However, as I said, I don’t necessarily like being in the deep end of a trend.  In some instances I prefer to try and be on the periphery of the trend, keeping in line with what’s in style but putting my own spin on it.  Or at least that’s what I tell myself.  With this kitchen I knew I wanted light and airy but with a sense of sophistication, elegance and classic style that I thought would last beyond the end of the white kitchen trend.  I chose an antique white raised panel cabinetry door style and added the kitchen elegance package which adds the decorative panels to the exposed backs and sides of the cabinetry. Of course the elegance package was marked up ridiculously but we knew that we didn’t want to skimp on the things we couldn’t easily change later on so we accounted for it in our offer to the builder.  We also upgraded our granite to match.  I upgraded our granite to Santa Cecelia.  It picked up the antique white of the cabinets but also had the dark brown specks that coordinated beautifully with the hardwood floor.

Like I said before, we made sure that we got everything that we couldn’t easily change, just right through the builder.  However, things like fixtures and the backsplash (or lack there of) were way over-priced and the selections were not great.  So we decided we will change those out ourselves.  Actually, one of my projects in the near future is to tile the backsplash myself.

I found a fantastic article that really goes into depth about how to choose kitchen cabinets, everything you need to know.  Check it out: http://www.home-style-choices.com/kitchen-cabinets.html

Here are some pictures of my new kitchen:

Our new kitchen...

From the other angle.

The elegance package...

Here is a picture of our old kitchen.  It was much darker.  Although I loved it then, I am much more into light airy rooms that really take advantage of the natural light we have in this home.

Our old kitchen...