A while back I talked about creative ideas for what to do with tray ceilings.  I wasn’t sure which way I would go in my dining room.  Well, it done.  I chose a beautiful metallic damask wallpaper from Thibaut called Symphony Damask.  Go to http://www.thibaut.com and look at the Damask Resource book for details on this beautiful paper.

It was difficult to paper the tray (yes, I did it myself).  The most difficult aspect was getting the paper to go up straight by myself.  I drew a reference line to get my first piece up.  I had to do one piece at a time, I couldn’t paste ahead, to be sure I could put them up as straight as I could.  It took me about 4 hours total to get everything up straight.  I recommend that if you are papering for the first time, you don’t start with the tray.

Close up of my newly papered tray ceiling.

The dining area.

Here are some other creative ideas for tray ceilings:

Choose a paint color that is three or four step darker than the wall color. Choose a color that is two to three steps lighter than the paint color for the lower ceiling and walls of the tray.

Faux finish, like this sky painting:


Check out thumbnail 8 out of 9.