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Don’t look at the bedding. Do instead look at the headboard and lights. We finally got our amazing upholstered bonnet style headboard in from Bassett last week. We also had our sconces installed. We purchased the Chelsea Sconces from Pottery Barn. They come as plug ins but a very good friend who’s an electrician helped us to hard wire them. They are fabulous. Now we can control them from the light switch or from the sconces. They are two way so we can have both mood lighting and task lighting. The headboard was made by Bassett Furniture. However I did COM (customer’s own material) on the fabric. I used the same linen fabric that I used for my master bathroom cafe style draperies. Its soft, textural and easy. Its hard to see in the pictures for the color is lighter than the walls so it does stand out without being overwhelming.

So what’s next. I’m headed out to buy the materials for the cornice boards. Those should be the next portion. The duvet is being made, can’t wait to show that off. Then its the bedskirt and light fixture. Finally I hope to purchase a comfy chair and ottoman and bench for the end of the bed. A few mirrors and some well placed accessories and the room will be complete. Stay tuned!!!

So not much has happened with my master bedroom since the last post. The holidays took us away from home to visit family. However, I did finally purchase the walls sconces and ordered the headboard. Take a look at the sconces. They are the Chelsea Sconces from Pottery Barn. Although these are plug in, we are going to hardwire them.

Master bedroom swing arm wall sconces. They are on their way and I can't wait.

Here is the headboard. It is from Bassett Furniture, one of my favorite furniture manufacturers. I love the shape and style. I actually am purchasing it COM (customer’s own material). I am sending them the same linen fabric that I used in the master bedroom cafe draperies. It will look very similar to the picture below. I love how natural and comfy it looks.

This photo shows the contrast welt but I will not be getting that.

In the next couple of weeks I hope to put together the cornice boards. Also, a couple of colleagues and I will be working on launching our own line of home accessories to include the duvet cover which I plan to use in my bedroom. Keep a lookout for this creative idea in the next few weeks.

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