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I spent a large part of labor day weekend painting stripes on my kids’ bathroom walls. Why stripes? Well, they are fun, they are different and they are fairly easy to do. The hardest part of the project was the taping. I used the blue painters tape delicate version and that worked out wonderfully. When I ran out I used the regular painters tape and that was a disaster. It pulled some of the paint off which requires me to go back in and touch up.
I started by deciding how many stripes I wanted in the space and dividing the ceiling height by that number. That gave me the height of each horizontal stripe. I measured carefully and started by marking the wall at several intervals in order to be able to tape off evenly. That was proving difficult so when I got to the other side I decided to actually draw the lines in pencil and follow those with the tape. That was a lot easier.
I started with the green stripes. I used Benjamin Moore’s Green Acres in Aura Bath and Spa for the green stripe. After two coats I removed the tape immediately.
A few days later, after re-taping, I came back and did the contrasting stripe and bathroom ceiling in Benjamin Moore’s Seahorse, also in Aura Bath and Spa.
A few well appointed accessories pull it all together in a very fun, kid friendly way. The colorful shower curtain (where I pulled all of the accent colors from) adds pattern and color to the room. A contrasting blue alphabet canvas print reminds us that its a kid’s bathroom and pulls out another accent color from the shower curtain. A totally contrasting coral towel, also a color from the curtain) adds a third splash of fun.
Here are the before and afters:

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