Purpose of this Blog
My philosophy about design is simple. Your house needs to work for the way you live. I consider myself a designer for real life. I believe that the design of a space should be completely and totally about the people who are going to use that space day in and day out. It should be inclusive of all members of the family, both big and small and even those that are four-legged and furry. Your home should not only reflect who you are as a family unit but work for the way you live in it and use it every day.

I had a very inspirational colleague once tell me that your home should hug you when you walk in. I couldn’t agree more. I hope this Blog helps you create a home that gives you a big, huge bear hug every time you enter your door.
I will use my own family, home and my own design dilemmas and creative solutions for them as examples from time to time. My two children and husband (or my third child, as I often refer to him) and my three dogs keep me on my toes and keep my house well, lets just say Betters Homes and Gardens wouldn’t be impressed most of time. But I’ve also learned a lot of lessons along the way about what to fuss over and what to just let go, how to choose items for and design my home, how truly stain resistant certain fabrics can be, etc. I’ve learned how to live in my home and how to make improvements that are worth the investment, that will truly improve our quality of life, and that will withstand my daily hurricane of a family. Although its never quite done, I love my home. And with this Blog I hope to help you work towards a home that you love as well.

This Blog was created as a way to provide real people with real solutions for their design dilemmas. To offer real ideas that are as functional for everyday life as they are beautiful. I hope to offer you inspiration, budget savvy tips and creative ways to make your house the place you and your family enjoy being in the most.

About Paola
My design career started around the same time that I met my husband and both have been the biggest blessing. I grew up around architects, designers and highly creative people but it wasn’t until I gutted my first house that I truly realized my calling. I couldn’t believe the thrill and enjoyment that I got from seeing my beautiful design come to life. Shortly after, I decided to follow my dream and share my gifts and talents with others. I started Creative Elegance Interiors in 2006 and have never been happier. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of helping numerous clients and their families create their very own dream rooms. There is nothing I would rather be doing. I look forward to every new project as a challenge and an opportunity to give form and life to my creativity and to help my clients’ own the spaces of their dreams.

I am the proud mother of two beautiful children. As a mom, I have quickly learned that a home has to work for those who live in it. Function is of first and foremost importance when you have children (and dogs. I have three of those furry children as well). Living with my children has helped me understand that a home is more than just a place to hang your hat. It rarely looks like it belongs in the pages of a magazine. It should be a place where all members of the family feel safe, comfortable and happy. Home is a place to make memories and messes. It should be a place that all members of the family love and want to be most of the time.

My family and I are currently in the process of creating our (third) perfect family hang out in Haymarket, VA.
Luxury has a different meaning to me than it does to most people. To me luxury is a sense of well being created by living in a space that caters to your everyday needs. Its that smile on your face when you see your beautiful family displayed in a great photo collage on your walls. Its that perfectly comfortable sectional that you all dive into on a Friday night to watch a movie together. Its giving each member of the family their own comfortable space but also having spaces where you can enjoy each other’s time as a family unit. True luxury being okay with the fact that it won’t always look like it belongs in the pages of a magazine, but knowing that it can when it needs to. Luxury is living in a space that all of your family and friends love to visit and never seem to want to leave. Its truly enjoying your home and the time you spend in it.

I also believe that everyone can and should attain this luxurious feeling in their home, without having to sell their first born child. I believe this is my purpose as a designer. I strive to help my clients achieve home spaces that give them my version of luxury. I help them create a vision for their dream space and work with them to make it reality.

This Blog is an extension of my vision for my clients. With it I hope to offer readers little tastes of everyday luxury that they can use to create their own piece of paradise in their homes.

To learn more about my design services please visit my website http://www.creativeeleganceinteriors.com.